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July, 2009

paperpopups  NEWSLETTER




What is this?
"Took 4 years to build by the Artist, a genius of the name of
Wataru Itou (伊藤航), a young student of a major art university..."    If you like paper Pop-ups, see the rest of it here 1/a-paper-craft-castle-on-the-ocean/

Finished a Tree House for a client.  Fun project.
Pop-Up Cards 180 degrees.  The door opens with a secret message inside.


Think I'll add some brown to the Tree trunk and a couple sprigs of green grass. mmm maybe not.
Do you have any stories about a Tree House?

More Wedding and Love designs..
Finishing up on the Wedding and Love series Pop-Up cards- for now.

Front and back of card.


Next project is a Pop-Up Tree with a Tree House that has a moving door and windows...hopefully a rope ladder too.
Sure would love to stay up-

'To sleep, per chance to dream"

Dream some more :-), yippie!

Most Wedding I have been to have a custom where the guests clang on glasses to get the couple to kiss.  I designed these to lessen the noise.

  3D Wishing Well

Standing Card Wishing Well in the Free section at my website

I can only think of 2 stories that have a Wishing Well in them:
Three Coins in a Fountain

Know of any others?

May your wishes come true, whether you throw money or not.
* * *


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